An Old Time Tale for a New Theatre Company

APRIL 23, 2021, SPOKANE, WA—Today is Shakespeare’s 457th birthday, also known as Shakespeare Day, and it is on this joyous occasion we are pleased to announce the official launch of the Spokane Shakespeare Society (S3). A new nonprofit theatre company, S3 is founded by and for the Spokane community.

Incorporated at the beginning of 2021, Spokane Shakespeare Society (S3) is focused on providing professional quality Shakespeare productions while reveling in all the natural beauty Spokane has to offer. A foundational partnership with City of Spokane Parks and Recreation will provide community access to performances. S3 is currently seeking organizational sponsors and other community partnerships to create a successful inaugural season.

Executive director and co-founder Dr. Amanda Cantrell is excited to begin regularly scheduled seasons of Shakespeare performances for the community. “We founded S3 to not only provide a summer theatre option for Shakespeare and classical works, but to build an organization which supports a strong arts community and expands beyond the traditional theatre audiences. We want our productions to be for the community, by the community.”

Additional details on the inaugural season will be released in mid-May.

About Spokane Shakespeare Society

Founded in 2021, Spokane Shakespeare Society is a nonprofit producing theatre organization. S3’s mission is the provide professional quality Shakespeare and other classical works to the community in an outdoor venue that highlights the very best of what Spokane has to offer. We will work to ensure an inclusive, diverse, and representation organization, with a focus on staying local. For more information, visit

For more information about the plays, auditions, and sponsorship of Spokane Shakespeare Society, please contact Amanda Cantrell at or at 509.379.8377.

For more information about Spokane Parks & Recreation, please contact Fianna Dickson, or at 509.625.6297.

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