2023 Tickets

Tickets to 2023 Season Shows

S3 believes theatre should be accessible to everyone, without the barrier of a ticket cost. Afterall, that is the number one reason why people don’t go to theatre.

Our show are free, or as we in the theatre world like to call it, pay what you can. This means that if all you can afford is your presence as an audience member, we welcome you. If you can afford $5, that’s wonderful. If you can afford $10, that’s great. If you can afford more, we welcome the support. But, we leave it to you to decide how you want to support our performances.


For some context, even though we don’t charge a ticket price, we still have costs to produce the show. From paying the actors to designers to directors to the run crew–we make sure the artists know their work is valued and show it by paying each artist a stipend. Then we have costs of costumes, equipment, performance rights, the equipment to move our materials, etc. This season will cost around $17,000-$20,000 to produce.  Since we don’t charge admission, we rely on your support.


So your “ticket” is a donation to the show. All funds go directly back into the production–our administration are volunteers and we have almost no overhead.


Suggested donations are $10 per ticket. This year is a big one, so we’re suggesting a little more than the standard $5 per ticket per show. But again–we appreciate any and ALL support.


Thank you!

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