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Spokane Shakespeare Society is a registered Washington nonprofit with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. This means our donors are able to provide tax deductible donations to us under IRC Section 170.


As a nonprofit, we are completely dependent on our community to continue operations. We were the first and continue to pay every single artist who is involved in the productions. From the directors and designers, to the actors and running crew, we recognize the value they provide to the organization and our community. The pay isn’t much, but it is something to show we value them and to help offset the cost of parking, gas, etc. While we work to keep overhead down, there are small operating costs, such as our licensing, website operations, mailing address fees, insurance, etc. Since we provide pay-what-you-can shows to ensure everyone in the community is able to attend, we do not have any regular income to rely on. Your contribution will have a direct impact on our ability to continue to provide no-cost theatre to Spokane. Every dime goes right back into the productions and the community.

Thank you!


We are now using a new platform called Zeffy which charges us ZERO fees! We were losing quite a lot to fees with Square, so we changed! The platform uses Stripe (the same company behind Amazon), but it allows us to keep 100% of our donations. 


You can select a one-time or a monthly donation. There are suggested amounts, and a box to enter whatever amount you’d like to donate. You can also donate to Zeffy directly, which helps keep it free, but only if you want. 

Snail Mail

Not sure about online donations? It’s okay: Shakespeare didn’t have online donations either. We are happy to accept your donation via mail. Please make your check out to Spokane Shakespeare Society and mail it to:

Spokane Shakespeare Society

2525 E. 29th Ave Ste 10B #217

Spokane, WA 99223

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