Become a Partner/Sponsor

Become a Partner

Spokane Shakespeare Society is incorporated as a Washington nonprofit entity. As such, the organization relies on sponsors and partners to operate. We are currently seeking partners and sponsors for the 2021 season. Our standard perks are below, however we are always looking to make the partnership mutually beneficial, so if there is something you’re looking for, please let us know and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

Partner and Sponsor Perks

A partner and a sponsor are different only in the way they connect with the organization. A partner provides support through in-kind donations, cross advertising, and other non-financial ways. A sponsor provides a financial donation to help support the operating costs of the organization.

Perks include:

  • Your name, logo, and a link on the S3 website partner page
  • Your name, logo, and a link in the monthly e-newsletter for 12 months, unless otherwise noted
  • Your company name mentioned at the curtain speech at every performance of the season
  • Your company logo on a poster of partners, displayed at the S3 company table for any and all events S3 attends for 12 months
  • A special designated seat for one performance of each show, with notice, held for you and the number of allowable guests, per COVID-19 guidelines.

Annual sponsors and recurring annual sponsors will also receive the following perks.

  • 1 dedicated special announcement e-blast through the S3 mailing list for whatever event/content the sponsor desires
  • Company logo on all programs and advertisements S3 creates
  • Ability to have a booth at one performance per show to advertise company business
  • Ability to make announcement during the curtain speech at the show in which the booth is manned
  • Meet and greet with the cast after one performance
  • Signed cast poster for each show
  • Advertising block in performance program
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