Support the 2022 Season

Support the 2022 Season

As winter melts and the sun begins shining a little longer, S3 is preparing for our second season. We are excited to bring you two amazing shows with the same structure as last season: a traditional Shakespeare play and a more modern take on the Bard’s work. Our traditional Shakespeare will be the beloved Romeo & Juliet, which will perform in August/September of 2022. Our second show will be Goodnight, Desdemona (Good Morning, Juliet) by Ann-Marie MacDonald, which will perform in September/October 2022. We won’t have specific dates until May, but we are so excited to bring these amazing shows to Spokane.


As part of our mission, we provide professional theatre to the community without the barrier of a ticket cost. We firmly believe everyone should have access to the arts. That said, productions still cost a large amount of money to produce. We pay each and every artist, provide a budget for the supplies, and even pay for performance rights for our second show. We cannot do any of this without help from our community–people like you.


To increase our transparency, we are providing the options of making specific donations to help us pay for the shows we will be bringing to Spokane. This allows you–the donor–to know exactly how we will use your money. It also allows for the artists to know exactly what we’ll be paying them when they join a production. Everyone is on the same page from the very beginning.


So with that, we humbly ask you consider helping S3 bring professional theatre back to Spokane for Summer 2022.

Want to donate but not at a specified level? You can donate any amount to S3, all of which are put directly into the performances, by using the button below.

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